Why NexGen Portable Stage Rental Is The Best Option?

When deciding what type of stage is best suited to your specific and special event, it becomes essential to compare the two major types: the traditional stage style and the portable staging system.  As both serve their functions in different degrees, let us discuss why renting the portable stage decks and platform are much safer.

Conventional Stage System

  • Prior to the invention of portable stage, the traditional staging system was ruled great.
  • To describe construction differences, typical stages are usually built piece by piece, and the roof connecting to the stage must be guy-wired, which attached to ballasts along with steel cables. The stage platforms are basically separate from the roof system, which are often times a dangerous matter in the event the two pieces can be disconnected without any reason.
  • The conventional stage system cannot bear the heavy load as well as cover more area to setup.


Portable Staging System

  • All of this changed with the introduction of a portable staging system that has been taking the leading position since its introduction.
  • The main reasons behind the popularity of portable staging system as compared to traditional stage are its outstanding flexibility and safety.
  • Using a portable staging system, all parts and components are attached firmly to the main frame of the trailer. This gives the excellent durability and strength to withstand the portable staging system and essential for the safety of its belonging elements.
  • The portable stage can effectively tolerate the heavy weight of lighting, audio systems, video systems and others without making use of guy-wires. The guy wires and ballasts are the part of common stage, which increase the base area in which a stage is placed, which is not suitable for smaller places.
  • In small places such as city centers, streets and small villages, a portable stage can be set up safely and quickly, providing maximum entertainment on the fly without sacrificing basic safety.

Investing in a portable stage system puts you on top of the food chain, because when people in the community are planning an event, they start with searching out the appropriate stage first, then lighting and sound.

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No matter if your next event is a community concert at the beach or you are hosting a multi-city event, NexGen portable stages for rent will be best suited to your needs.

NexGen portable stage units in the UK has the largest selection of portable stages for sale and rental. We have the largest inventory of portable staging system, we are sure to have the answer to your staging needs.

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Use Portable Stages When It’s Showtime

A part of each one of us loves the stage to some extent no matter how much we might deny it. Of course, there’s the fear of being in the spotlight, but being on a platform in front of our peers, friends, family or a crowd of random strangers can bring out the best in us. Many corporates use the stage as a means for image building exercise for their employees. Schools often have functions that showcase their pupils’ talents. However, such events are not held too often in the year hence lightweight staging are what you need whenever it is show time.


If you are web hosting service a company occasion or a talent show at your school, you are undoubtedly running against time to get everything in order. Portable staging of your event not only saves you time and energy, but a lot of costs as well.

That’s because even if you do have the luxury of space to have a permanent stage built on your premises, it will cost you a fortune. On the other hand, you can easily rent portable stages as and when you need to cut your expenses.

Another advantage of using mobile stages is that you are not restricting regarding space and background for your event. You can hold it indoors in cold winters, but when the weather’s nice can easily set an outdoor ambiance for your show.


Many professional companies will help you with organizing appropriate stages for your event. It makes sense hiring them because they take away your hassle of running from pillar to post to get everything sorted.

But look for reliable professional stage companies in your area as they will be able to deliver to you on time. If any of your peers has used their services before it’s a good idea to speak to them and find about their experience working with that particular company.

Why use professional Portable Staging companies?

You might want to give your show platform personal touch and host the event exactly the way you want to, but that is easier said than done. Designing stages is a professional job and experienced technicians working with these companies will be able to do that for you to the best of their abilities.

Given the competition in the market, many of these companies offer you their services at competitive prices. If you have more than one event in a year, you can be their repeat customer and get discounts in the future.

Along with the stage itself, you will need other equipment to host a successful event. From sound system to microphones, these companies are often able to provide a variety of equipment as well saving you the effort to hunt for them.

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They can work according to your design plans or can come up with their designs that work within your space constraints. They will not only set up the stage for you, but also dismantle it and take it back.

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