Kids Parties For Older Children

Kids Parties For Older Children

Kids parties will change, as your child gets older, but they still can be a lot of fun to plan and host. As a parent, you will need to work with your child to create a birthday party that is right for them. A ten year old may be well beyond having a clown, balloons and a party with their grandparents and friends. Instead, they may enjoy a pool party, a camping trip or even just a sleep over with friends. When planning the birthday party for an older child, keep in mind that you want them to be happy on this day. It may be hard for you to let go, but they will appreciate it when you follow through with their requests.

Tweens: Planning Ideas For Children Ten To Thirteen

Tweens are one of the most difficult ages to plan a party for. At this age, they are getting to know themselves and impressing friends is all they can think. This is the age where many kids will also feel pressured into doing things that one up the last child’s party. As a parent, you may need to step in and lay out the boundaries. Talk about what is acceptable and what may not be. If they do not have an idea as to what they want to do for a party, here are some ideas:

• Arcade and Pizza: Kids that love arcade games and pizza will love to have a party at a local facility. Go karts can add to the fun, too. You will find that many local facilities will put on the birthday celebration for you, providing you with everything you need for a set fee. These parties can get expensive, depending on if you pay for everyone’s tickets.

• Pool Parties: Something is alluring about the pool and middle school aged children love to invite their friends over for a party like this. It takes only a few minutes to set up and with a few well-planned treats, you can have a fantastic party with virtually no overhead cost (expect for food.)

• Boys and girls both enjoy this activity and continue to become more interested in it all the time. Most laser tag locations now offer a variety of party packages for parents to choose from. These work well for those that want something unique to do.

Planning birthday parties for kids of this age may take some advanced planning on the part of you and your child. They often want to play a role in the birthday or party planning anyway. Kids parties at this age are often filled with noise, music and lots of laughing. Don’t expect them to welcome older family members to their event either. You may want to consider a celebrate birthday celebration for family members.

Tips For Planning Older Kids Parties

When it comes to kids parties, you can go wrong! You do not want to be the party that messed up their child’s party! Here are some tips to help you avoid making common mistakes.

• Choose a party theme that that they enjoy, not what you are looking for. Give them the chance to plan their own event, even. With your guidance, it could be a learning experience for them, too.

• Invest in appropriate decorations. Streamers, balloons and many banners may not be what they are hoping. Instead, find out what they think will be interesting and use that.

• Set a budget for the bash. It is easy to get carried away with your child when planning parties for them. With a budget in place, you and your child can stay within the guidelines and learn something about the process as well.

Stay on top of the trends and party events happening near you. New places to have parties and interesting themes are constantly available. Remember, by the time your child is a teenager, chances are good that they will be less than interested in having a party with mom and dad. Take advantage of this time closely and invest some time making this a bonding experience between you and your child. In the long term, it will pay off!