Planning the perfect party or event

Planning the perfect party or event

The top ten tips of planning your own party

Five do’s of party planning

1) Do –prepare so you can be a guest at your own party

Prepartion is the key to success so plan, plan, and plan. You will have to plan everything down to the last detail if you want to create the wow factor. Plan details such as

-Invitations -props to create atmosphere
-Venue -parking
-Catering -level of noise
-theme/style -entertainment
-Hire equipment -licence for alcohol
-Table decoration -lighting
-event schedule -get your timings right on the night

2) Do-organise, organise, organise

Organise your event; there is nothing more disappointing than a disorganized, chaotic event both to the guest and the host. Organization will provide a well orchestrated, smoothly run enjoyable event.
If organization is not your strength either delegate or use tools to help such as lists, diaries, timetables or a party planning service such as

3) Do-add a theme or style as it gives the event focus

Decide on a theme or style, it enables the event to be planned around it and gives the whole event focus and cohesion. For example do you want the event to reflect your personality or a special occasion so that you can make the event memorable for all the right reasons!

4) Do-plan ahead and stick to timeframes

Keep to timeframes especially if you want a choice of items and entertainment for your event.The invitations should be sent out with enough time for people to RSVP but not too early that they will forget about it altogether. Equipment hire definitely needs to be ordered well in advance especially if it is more specialized such as casino tables or live bands

Catering is also well worth having organized and ordered in advance otherwise it ends up looking as if you have thrown together a few frozen sausage rolls and watery quiches.It goes back to planning and organizing well in advance and doing everything in a sequential order.

5) Do-delegate

Delegation is essential to allowing the host the luxury of feeling relatively stress free and relaxed on the evening.If you know family and friends that are willing to help and they have particular skills then delegate that task to them. If someone within your family and friends is a great cook then get them involved in the catering. If another family member has an interest in flower arranging then you may wish to involve them in the table decorations.

Definitely delegate as many tasks as you can but a word of caution will be to check regularly on progress and oversee the final items. Try to give clear instructions and timescales to others as they may not understand your schedule or vision.

Five don’ts of party planning

6) Don’t-panic, keep your cool

If you follow the top ten tips then the party will run smoothly. If you indulge in panic then you end up being incapable of enjoying yourself on the night. Try to keep all the planning and organization simple and definitely keep it within your capabilities. Remember to keep the event in perspective as even if it is an important the focus is for people to enjoy themselves including you.

7) Don’t-exceed the budget

Stick to your original budget. When setting the budget for your party ensure that a realistic budget is set and that everything you want to provide such as catering, alcohol and entertainment are included in your calculations. Shop around and get the best price from the suppliers for your money without compromising on quality.

If on a small budget then keep it simple, adding a few luxury items such as snacks,drinks or decorations will definitely add to that wow factor.

8) Don’t-try to achieve the impossible

Throwing money at something doesn’t equate to success, people will appreciate the small attention to detail rather than showy extravagance. The lavish showbusines events are usually organized by experienced professional party planners with plenty of expertise. So don’t plan something that is going to make you feel out of your depth or enlist the assistance of a party planning

9) Don’t-underestimate

Always be sure of the numbers of guests and all of their special needs such as dietary requirements. Always check the resources before the event and that your suppliers are still able to do the job required as there have been occasions when the caterers have been unable to provide the food and guests have had to eaten Chinese take away!!

Also check timings and the event schedule for the night and try and stick to it as there is always someone who drinks too much or turn up unannounced or things just take longer than anticipated.

10) Don’t-forget yourself

If the event is a special occasion don’t leave your personal preparations to the last minute as you may well be needed to sort out any last minute problems at the event.
Above all –don’t forget to enjoy yourself!